‘The first human being’

Talk to your child about jealousy.

Thank you so much for sharing your views. We decided to go in order and would like to carry on until we reach the story of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S).

Please read the story to your children. I adapted it from the Safar Year 1 Islamic Studies Textbook

Mawlānā Kamal Khan – Oldham.

Mawlānā Kamal Uddin Khan from Oldham narrates the bedtime series of Prophets for children. He started this as a bedtime story for his daughter.  By the will of Allah after sharing the stories with family and friends this series has been listened to by many across the globe Alhamdulillah.

Safar Publications have compiled all these recordings so you can listen to at your own pace and inshaAllah many children and adults can benefit and may we all take valuable learnings from these wonderful stories.