Latest Publications

Honed and developed over a number of years, as usual, you will find our forthcoming publications innovative, exciting and of the highest quality.

Learn about Islam Series: Textbook and Workbook 7

Now available

Written for ages 11 and above, Textbook 7 is the first in our Secondary Series. It is designed to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to nurture and develop a deep-rooted love and bond with Islām. This textbook continues from our primary series, but has also been written for the beginner. Learn more about this project here.

Learn Arabic Series: Arabic Handwriting

Now available

The first book in our new Learn Arabic Series, Arabic Handwriting aims to strengthen children’s familiarity with elementary Arabic as well as introduce them to Arabic penmanship. This book can also be used as a learning aid with the Safar Qāʿidah, whereby writing Arabic will help students build their Arabic reading skills.

Rules of Tajwīd: Madīnah Script edition

Now available

Our popular Safar Rules of Tajwīd – a sequel to the Safar Qāʿidah and part of the comprehensive Safar Learn to Read Series ­– will soon be available in the world renowned Madinah Qurʿānic script.  This study book also contains all our unique teaching features: the Safar marking code, diary, aims and outcomes, as well as the tried and tested progressive level system, designed to make learning structured and effective.