Assalāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu

Safar Islamic Studies Textbook and Workbook 7

Alḥamdulillah, Textbook and Workbook 7, the first in the secondary series, are now on sale. See the video below to get an idea of what we have put into the project. You can also continue reading to learn more about this innovative project.

Inshā Allāh later on this year, we will also publish an accompanying Teacher’s Guide to use with the textbook and workbook. And as the academic year continues, do keep an eye on our Teacher’s Toolbox where resources are uploaded to use in class.

About the project

Safar Publications began work in 2015 on a new series of textbooks and workbooks for the secondary ages (11-16) as part of its Learn about Islam Series. The new series enables students to progress from the primary syllabus to continue furthering their Islamic knowledge, morals, character, piety and skills from childhood into adulthood.

Our investment and effort in this project will, inshaAllāh, result in one of the most comprehensive, engaging and constructive books available for the Muslim community, especially for the 11-16 age category. Some of the key features of the series are as follows:

  • The syllabus will provide a comprehensive and structured syllabus all the way up to the age of 16. The project will take us right into 2020 inshāAllāh.
  • The books consolidate and continue the learning journey (Safar) of young Muslims, as it follows on from the primary series. At the same time, it will also be perfect for beginners as each book not only covers essential Islamic knowledge but also has been written with the beginner in mind.
  • The series is in full colour and showcases the work of a bespoke illustrator to make the design and imagery, creative, purposeful, engaging and as well as compliment the Islamic content in the book in a fitting way.
  • The content not only contains information but has advice, practical tips relevant to young Muslims. This will enable them to increase their knowledge, deal with emotional and mental issues faced during adolescence, and strengthen their life skills, confidence and Islamic practice.
  • The national curriculum has been thoroughly consulted in order to ensure the content in our books is relevant, appropriate and meaningful to young Muslims and teachers, today. This includes consideration of subjects such as Religious Education (RE), SRE (Sex and Relationship Education), the humanities, as well as objectives such as SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development), life skills and citizenship skills.
  • The book follows a unit based structure, featuring units such as Essential Knowledge, Essential Beliefs, Fiqh (rituals and rulings), Islamic History, Contemporary Issues, Islam and the Social world and Spiritual and Moral development.
  • Keywords and vocabulary lists will help with overall Arabic and English literacy of students.
  • Like the primary series, the secondary series ties in with our Learn by Heart Series (Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs) as well as the Learn Arabic Series, for those wanting to use a comprehensive curriculum.
  • As with all our publications, the books are tried and tested by teachers and students at Safar Academy.

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The development journey…

Much of 2015 was spent in research, consulting and setting the broad vision and aims of the secondary series, as well as thinking about the needs of young Muslims growing up amidst the stresses, challenges, uncertainty and optimism of contemporary society.

The project has grown and changed in many ways from what we first envisaged, including the people (some of whom kindly offer their services voluntarily) working on the series. What began as a the work of two people has grown into a team of four editors, all of whom are ʿulamā; collaborations and input from our teachers and amīrs teaching on the ground at Safar Academy; input from educational experts with regards to the national curriculum (secondary education in UK state schools), as well as of course the continued authorship and close editorial direction of Shaykh Hasan Ali.

Working with teenagers at our academies has also enhanced the vision of the book; though the books are aimed primarily, for use by teachers to deliver high-quality lessons, they will also be life guides for young Muslims with all the necessarily knowledge content, familiarity, advice, practical tips and considerations of the big and small challenges (both emotional and intellectual) they encounter growing up today. This ensures that the book fulfils a purpose beyond just the classroom, and becomes a work that can be appreciated as informative Islamic literature by adults, parents and teenagers themselves.

The design team too has grown with an art director, assistant designers, an illustrator and sub-editors working to ensure that we achieve an aesthetic that is purposeful, creative as well as complementing the Islamic content in the book, in a unique way.

Key statutory changes, government legislations, and wider political shifts (some of which continue to impact our community in adverse ways), have also required us to work ever harder to ensure that our materials remain relevant, genuine, independent and effective; thereby, enabling teachers and students to deal with the challenges of today in sensible, confident and empowering ways. This care and attention will also give our users the confidence that the book can withstand scrutiny without compromises in quality, authenticity, value and educational excellence.

Ensuring we meet the aspirations and challenges such as the ones noted above ensures the result is high-quality, high-value and a raising of the standards of workmanship and the services we are able to provide to the community. We hope you continue your support and duʿāʾs in achieving this vision.

Development Team, Safar Publications

A few words from the team 

“I express my gratitude to Allah for granting me the opportunity to be a means of service to Safar Publications, whose textbooks I check and verify for all fiqh related aspects. I pray that Allah guides, preserves and protects Safar Publications and its team. I also pray that He grants them the acceptance that they deserve.” 

Mufti Hasan Saleem, Editor

[Graduate of Iftaa and Takhassus fil Fiqh, Banuri Town, Karachi] 


“Working as part of the editorial team, we have been considering many different aspects and putting as much effort as we can in order to ensure the book is well grounded, suitable, as well as relevant for the learners of today. I personally have been involved in aspects such as fact checking the Hadith references and fiqh content and hope that the book will be, inshaAllah, the best in the market in terms of its authenticity and appropriateness” 

Saleem Seedat, Editor

[ʿĀlimiyyah Studies and Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership, Cambridge Muslim College]

“The year 7 book is being designed to be very readable, with complex information broken down and explained in a visual way. Illustrations are used to bring visual pleasure and to add something to the student’s experience that the text cannot do. Diagrams and information graphics are used whenever possible and these will be more memorable for students. Cliches will be avoided at the same time keeping a multicultural Islamic feel… We have an illustrator who has a consistent style for the entire book, with all illustrations bespoke made for our chapters, and aims to add humour and makes the pages attractive, making it a pioneering textbook for the Muslim audience.”

Omair Barkatulla, Art director
[Creative Director, Marketing Week] 

“Safar Publications’ Year 7 Workbook has been designed with an emphasis on the user’s focus; with concentration primarily being on the questions, we have worked for an aesthetic that ensures simplicity and a smooth flow to the pages. Neutral colours are used to help the reader focus on what matters. The effort will certainly be a marked achievement for the design team and duly appreciated by users of the workbook.”

Zulf Shah, Designer
[Art Director, Dream Dimension Design Studio]

The team working on this project


Shaykh Hasan Ali – Author and editor-in-chief
Muhammed Ahmed – Author and editor

Muhibul Haq – Author 

Moulana Muhi Uddin – Editor

Mufti Hasan Saleem, Editor

Saleem Seedat, Editor

Moulana Ahdeeb Khatib – Editor

As well as countless contributions, suggestions, and editorial input from brothers and sisters teaching and learning at Safar Academy.


Design and production

Omair Barkatulla, Art Director

Zulf Shah, Designer

Elly Walton, Illustrator

Ayman Khawaja, Sub Editor

Rabia Barkatulla, Sub Editor

External consultants

Bukhari Shah

[Queen’s College, Cambridge and Editor,]