Islamic Studies Textbook 8 – Now Available

A life guide beyond the classroom

Helping learners navigate circumstances of the modern world through deep engagement and embodiment of the sacred Islamic tradition.

Inspiring curious minds, nourishing yearning souls, and helping navigate the challenges of today using the richness of our Islamic tradition.     

Bespoke visual design brings information to life

High spec illustrations enable learners to engage visually, thereby aiding learning and comprehension.

Inspiring confidence and faith-based leadership

The textbook actively engages issues related to contemporary society, identity and modernity, whilst engaging and bringing to life our rich Muslim intellectual and spiritual heritage. This ensures learners see the sacred Islamic tradition as a viable pathway for addressing the challenges of today.

Unique step-by-step guides to clarify and unfold

Another beautiful feature of Textbook 8 is step-by-step guides for Ḥajj,ʿUmrah and Ṣalāh for example. Far from being a rote text of fiqh, these chapters simplify rituals and combine rules and rulings with spiritual, ethical and practical information, making learning holistic.

Key events are captured in detail, allowing learners to understand how Muslim empires and figures of days gone by have shaped the world and our heritage today.

Infographics and flow diagrams

To assist both students and teachers, an extensive range of infographics, diagrams and summaries enhance the learning experience for all involved.

These allow learners to readily understand complex ideas and arguments, both contemporary and classical.


Bridging the classical with the contemporary

Throughout Textbook 8, there is also a combination of the classical and the contemporary. This approach is also evident in the Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilisation and Islām and Science chapters, allowing readers to appreciate the richness of Muslims and Islam in the past and their impact in the world today.

Centrality of the ṣaḥābah رضي الله عنهم

A key tenet of the Muslim community is the love and reverence of the Prophet ﷺ and his companions رضي الله عنهم. To truly bring this to life for a teenage audience, an entire chapter – Lives of the Ṣaḥābah رضي الله عنهم: The Companions of the Prophet – has been dedicated to the topic. 

Something for everyone

Download a free revision guide for Textbook 8. This will give you an insight in to the topics and contents covered in this book.

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Safarpublications Textbook 8 Revision Guide PDF

Textbook and Workbook 8 Implementation Guide

Download a free implementation guide for Textbook 8 and Workbook 8

More than just a textbook

  • Textbook 8 – like the rest of the Safar Learn about Islām Series – serves as a life guide beyond the classroom. This makes it ideal for use beyond the classroom and can be used by independent teenage or adult readers. 
  • Along with facts and information, the textbook contains practical tips and advice for Muslims of all ages. These are tailored to help readers practically navigate through physical, social and emotional challenges they face whilst being true to Islamic values and practice.

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