Register for a 30% educational discount on your islamic syllabus with Safar Publications

If you are an educational institute, you can receive 30% discounts on all your orders! To qualify for this, please fill in the form below. After the form has been submitted, we will review the information and update you on your account within 2 working days.

If your order is urgent, please contact us on +447415 220 785 (open on weekdays from 10am – 4.30pm GMT) and we will try our best to process your application as soon as possible InshāʾAllāh.

Note: If you are an existing customer, please use the email address you used for previous orders. This will allow you to continue viewing all your historic order details.

If you need to change the email address after registering, please contact us and we can do this for you while keeping all your historic order details intact.

The educational discount does not apply on any sale/discounted products. 

Educational Discount Registration

Educational Discount Registration

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