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Safar Publications has developed and honed its curriculum over the last 20 years. The curriculum is structured into four distinct syllabuses, all aimed at giving learners a firm foundation in their Quranic reading and understanding, Islamic knowledge, spiritual development and in grasping the Arabic language. Our curriculum includes Qāidah, Tajwid, Juz Amma (Learn to Read Series), Duas and Surahs (Learn by Heart Series), Islamic Studies (Learn about Islam Series) and Arabic (Learn Arabic Series) related publications. All our publications contain many innovative features and interconnections, to ensure students learn in an engaging, steady and coherent fashion.

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Our publications are based on traditional Islamic sources and understanding and are also shaped by effective educational theories and practices. Most importantly, they are a result of practical feedback from students and teachers across the world, including our very own staff and students at Safar Academy. One of our core values is seeking perfection and quality;  because of this, our curriculum and comprehensive support services are continually improved and refined, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of learners and educators in today’s ever-changing world.


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3 thoughts on “Safar Publications Curriculum

  1. Shifa says:

    Jazakallah khairan for these wonderful books.they are excellent books and children will learn and understand easily from these books.these whole bundle I received is very beneficial .jazakallah again.please keep us in your Duas ,Assalamualikum

  2. Aqsa says:

    Asalaam Mualikum warahmatullahi wabara katuhu,
    I just ordered the bundle pack, the quality is superb, the illustration is creative and the information is well constructed thankyou.

    Just like to point out i thank Allah for guiding me to this organisation, i have never felt so much pleasure than what i felt when reading about the Safar Academy, im thanking Allah that there is an organisation like this, its modern and relatable to the troubled society today. It truly is a blessing to find a respectable Shaykh who resembles the aspirations of my deceased father. I hope to carry his legacy further and you have helped me. I hope your organisation expands further with the help of Allah.

    Thank you so much may Allah bless; you and your family. Your students and their family. Your team and their family, basically everyone abundantly.

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