Safar Publications Teacher Training

Our training  is usually delivered over weekends (unless tailored courses are delivered at your own institution/school) and aims to give teachers the chance to learn skills essential for teaching in supplementary Islamic schools. The training path is currently structured into two levels and includes workshops on effectively teaching all of the core subject areas taught in maktabs/madrasahs and weekend schools: Qāʿidah, Duʿās and Sūrahs, Tajwīd, Juz ʿAmma as well as Islamic Studies.

Details of the training levels:

Level 1 creates a proficiency in understanding all aspects of the different Safar publications as well information on implementing tried and tested methods for teaching each of the Safar books. This level is an absolute must for new users of the books who want to gain the most out of the publications.

Level 2 focuses on specific areas of essential teaching skills in order to enhance individual teaching ability, especially when teaching young learners subjects related to the Qurʿān and Islamic studies.

Other important information:

  • Our events are open to both male and female participants and numbers are usually restricted to a maximum of 50 participants for Level 1 and a maximum of 40 participants for Level 2 (Note: In order to attend Level 2 or beyond, participants must have completed all the Level 1 modules).
  • Our flagship training event usually happens every summer in London before our own branches open up. This is our long-running annual training event and has the added benefit of giving you the opportunity to meet lots of our own staff (old and new), teaching assistants, former students who progress to become teachers, as well as a chance to experience new and innovative modules, training collaborations and delivery from a range of trainers. This is always also a great chance to get help and advice from a wide range of Safar teachers and publications team. Dates are usually advertised in late spring/early summer every year. Keep on eye on this page to see announcements and updates.
  • We try our best to take the training all over UK (and abroad). Usually, this includes events in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands once a year. Keep an eye on this page for details on events near you.
  • Though we actively endeavour to arrange events throughout the year, this is made more likely when other institutions and users of our syllabus take the initiative to host us or collaborate in hosting an event. Email us if you have ideas about hosting a training event in your area.

Available Modules

Learn to read series

Level 1

  • Effective use of the Safar Learn to Read Series
  • Teaching the Safar Qāʿidah: A practical workshop
  • Teaching the Safar Tajwīd Book: A practical workshop
  • Teaching Juz ʿAmma: A practical workshop
  • Qurʾān teaching skills

Level 2

  • Tajwīd: Individual sessions with Qarī Zaid
  • Setting Tajwīd standards amongst teachers
  • Essential Teaching Skills: Classroom management
  • Essential Teaching Skills: Teaching methods and feedback
  • Essential Teaching Skills: Active and engaged learning

Learn by Heart series

Level 1

  • Teaching the Learn by Heart Series: A Practical workshop

Level 2

Currently no modules available

Islamic studies series

Level 1

  • The Prophetic teaching methods
  • The art of storytelling: Teaching through stories
  • Delivering Islamic Studies Lessons: A practical example
  • Teaching Early Years creatively: Year 1
  • Workshop on teaching Year 2 and 3: Motivating and rewarding young learners
  • Workshop on teaching the textbooks and using the Schemes of Work: How to lesson plan
  • Workshop on teaching the Year 5 and 6 textbook: Effective classroom questioning and learning assessment)

Level 2

  • Essential Teaching skills: Testing and assessment
  • Essential teaching skills: Creative teaching
  • Essential teaching skills: Tarbiyyah and companionship
  • Essential teaching skills: Meeting individual learning needs.

To request on-site training or if you have any question regarding training, please email us on: [email protected]