Educational Discount Cost Calculator

for Maktabs, Madrasahs, Supplementary Schools and Homeschoolers

We understand cost is important for all educational institutes, hence why we have automatically applied a 25% discount so you could make great savings and potentially use these savings as income for your institute.

Please note: Some books may take more than a year for a student to complete, this means your cost per year will be reduced. These books are usually the Essential Duas and Surahs, Rules of Tajwid and the Qaidah’s.

There is also a minimum order of 15 books to qualify for the Educational Discount.

* Does not include Safar Complete bundle and Teachers’ Guides (formerly Schemes of Work)

We have bundles suited for all your needs; weekend maktabs, weekday maktabs or homeschoolers. To discuss how it will fit your calendar, please fill in the form, so we can arrange a consultation.

Alternatively, you can also email us on or call/sms +44 7415 220 785

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