Educational Discount Cost Calculator

for Maktabs, Madrasahs and Supplementary Schools.

We fully appreciate that as Maktabs and small institutes, being prudent and cost efficient is a high priority whilst also trying to maintain the highest levels of education. We share this passion and therefore offer this discount. 

Please note: The discount only applies when ordering 15 or more of the same book. 

Some books may take more than a year for a student to complete, this means your cost per year will be reduced. These books are usually the Essential Duas and Surahs, Rules of Tajwid and the Qaidah’s.

* Does not include Safar Complete bundle and Schemes of works/ (formerly Schemes of Work) as they are already discounted.

We have bundles suited for all your needs; weather you are a weekend maktab or weekday maktab. Please click here to view our timetabling FAQ.

If you would like help on how to use the syllabus, please contact us on or call/text us on +44 7415 220 785 (Also available on Whatsapp).